We're adding new features to our products

We're adding new features to our products

1. The head can be rotated by 90°,can be used in multiple parts on your face: forehead, under eyes, cheeks, jaw, neck, and upper lip.

2. All metal process,more texture.

3. Magnetic charging,beautiful justification,no need to plug and unplug.

4. Soothing heat,pomotes absorption and dilute melanin,allowing skin care products to penetrate directly to the skin.

5. EMS micro current,soothing massage, positive and negative ions wake up cell self-repair function, accelerate the essence of deep absorption.

6. High frequency vibration,relieve fatigue,massage the skin to help remove oily dirt.

7. LED phototherapy,Red light and short wave,accelerate cell regeneration and faculty guarantee synthesis, fight off Melanin precipitation, remove fine wrinkles

8. Intelligent induction, touch start, energy saving and power saving.

9. Mini and portable,convenient for carry.

10. Vibration import,skin care products will be easily absorbed into the skin of small molecules, the nutrition deep into the skin.

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